Sales Management - Case Study

We were approached by a major Hotel chain to improve management within their sales teams. Many of their sales directors had been promoted from sales roles, and they needed to increase their ability to plan, organise and lead their teams to meet the needs of the business, and recognise the importance of excellent management. Some lacked skills and understanding of the most effective ways to lead and coach their teams to perform where it really counts - in front of the customer.

Claviga designed a programme that took sales directors through a 'year in the life' of a Sales Director. The programme was spit into segments representing four business cycles, and addressed issues such as; coaching and motivation, maintaining momentum (which included a designed-in crisis!), personal business planning for the following year and performance appraisal.

At the end of the programme the participants committed to three personal actions/improvements they would make in their workplace. Claviga followed up with the participants to monitor their progress and provide support and feedback.

The company reported that their sales directors were better equipped to lead their teams, retention figures among both the directors and their sales teams improved and motivation levels increased.