Revenue Enhancement - Case Study

A 5 star European Hotel chain wanted to improve their Average Daily Rate to be competitive when compared with comparable properties. At the same time, they did not want to jeopardise customer service at the front desk or conversions in the reservations office.

Claviga designed a workshop that included a 'revised product knowledge' session and training on special skills to convert shoppers into bookers. It also targeted up-sell opportunities at both reservations and front desk.

The workshop was followed by coaching of the teams to secure the longevity of the solution and to ensure comfort in applying their newly acquired skills.

The room rates were revised, and within just 16 weeks, over EUR185,000 in incremental room revenues had been achieved for this property from the Reservations department and Front Desk. Conversions from shoppers into bookers at reservations increased, and numerous guests commented on their positive experience and their increased satisfaction with staff during the check in process.