Essential Selling Skills - Case Study

The Research Centre of a major organisation formed a brand new team specifically to prospect for new business, and convert sales leads into appointments for the sales department.

The prospecting team had a mixed set of skills and came from many different industry backgrounds. They needed to come together and form a team identity and achieve consistency in terms of processes and skills right at the beginning.

Claviga developed a training programme, based on the company's brand identity, which served both as an introduction to the company, and introduced the skills and confidence they needed to turn leads into qualified sales appointments.

A step by step process was created and broken down into manageable chunks. This included role plays, practicing questioning techniques and learning how to ask the client for commitment. They also completed personal action plans to take back to their workplace.

As a result, the newly forged team hit the ground running on their first day together in the 'real world', making far more appointments than was expected as this early stage.