Account Management - Case Study

This worldwide chain needed to develop a consistent approach to managing sales accounts across multiple locations and countries. Their objective was to introduce improvements to planning and structure, create sales teams that could deliver against the marketing plan and create a tool to measure individual effectiveness and drive incentives.

Claviga created a case study of a fictitious company. The study included information about the company, their competitors, the economic environment in which it was operating and details about current and potential customers.

Once presented with the case study for review, participants worked through it step by step in groups using a guide and receiving feedback, coaching and suggestions from the course tutor.

They then went on to create a personal business plan categorising the customer type, account type, levels of opportunity available, setting sales targets and listing the activities they would carry out in order to achieve these. This was presented to the tutor for approval.

The resulting plans showed far greater understanding of the theory behind business planning and were better considered than those produced before the training. Participants were also better able to evaluate and cope with what might happen if the environment changed. Finally, they were able to translate what they learned back in the workplace in exactly the same way with their real life accounts - using the tools and presenting their resulting plans for approval by management.