Presentation Skills - Case Study

Claviga's client was the Board of Directors of an international power solutions and services organisation.

The Board were making business decisions based on presentations by senior managers from across the business. They wanted to receive improved presentations in terms of coherence, succinctness and simplicity, in order to make better decisions.

Claviga ran a series of 2-day presentation skills workshops to improve managers' preparation and delivery skills - specifically at board level. The programme included training in how the Board operated and made their decisions, as well as preparation of business cases and lots of practice at delivery.  All practice sessions were recorded and the playback used to provide intensive feedback and coaching. On the final day the board themselves acted as the audience for the individual presentations and were able to supply invaluable feedback and advice.

Claviga also provided further one-to-one coaching sessions with participants when needed.

The Board reported significant improvements in the quality of the presentations they received, the handling of time constraints (presentation time was strictly limited to 10 minutes) and increased confidence in their managers' ability to get their message across and inform the board in a way that made their decision making more effective.