Event Facilitation - Case Study

A major Cruise line was experiencing a period of massive business growth. Due to the increasing volume of business being handled by their Sales, Marketing and Reservation teams, the company invited Claviga to support in organising a corporate communications and team building event to re-energise and re-focus their people in the changing market, as well as share what had already been achieved and broadcast their plans for the future.

In conjunction with the head of their Sales and Marketing team, Claviga organised an event that drew the teams together for a conference which encompassed a mix of physical and mental tasks and included input from motivational speakers on topics specifically relevant to their business needs. Claviga then facilitated team breakouts to work on the particular issues that had been identified. We even organised the evening cabaret and acted as MC of the awards ceremony! Finally a summary of the conference was prepared to allow team members to reference over the coming months of change.

In a post-conference survey, participants reported that they went away informed, motivated and ready to take on the new challenges.