Coaching - Case Study

Claviga's coaching clients are usually Executives within large organisations, who have been identified as likely to benefit from support in improving their leadership relationships, communication and influencing performance. Whilst it might seem that these are issues that could be handled through the hierarchical channels within the company structure, in the world of complex global organisations, senior leaders often want to provide their executives with the chance to gain support externally which might not otherwise be available to them. 

Coaching enables leaders to understand and see the value of adapting their behaviours in order to be more successful. Claviga coaching supports them through periods of change and new challenges and enables them to analyse their business thinking in a safe and supportive environment. This often expands into clarifying business issues and how they might handle them - our coaches are also experienced business consultants. 

After an initial briefing session with both coaching client and their manager, sessions are confidential, one to one and can take place face to face, by phone or as a video conference. Claviga coaches may use tools like MBTI profiling, 3600 feedback or the introduction of team development sessions.

We work with people by building an atmosphere that is comfortable, mutually respectful and free from the potential organisational threats that internal discussions can sometimes be subject to. The result for the executive is raised credibility within their company; they become more effective leaders and often receive increased responsibility or promotion.