Team Leadership - Case Study

Claviga's client was a newly formed senior management team of different nationalities, experiencing the challenges of re-organisation, forming new inter-personal relationships and a hand-over period between one team leader to another.

Claviga were asked to create a programme to address these issues, and facilitate the process of making the team more cohesive. We listened to the views of the whole team on how they currently operated, reviewed an internal employee survey, and used MBTI personality profiles to help the team better understand each other. Then we presented all the feedback and helped them identify their priority development areas - ways of working, collaboration and relationships with each other the rest of the organisation. Objectives were set and action plans were developed, implemented, reviewed and maintained.

When the new team leader was in place, Claviga were invited to help the team re-visit and re-establish the teams' strategic direction. We facilitated them through a strategic planning process from which direction was established, goals and targets identified and action plans developed for delivery of the strategy.

The business unit became an effective, collaborative unit with a clear focus on what they aimed to achieve for their business.