Remote Team Leadership - Case Study

Our client called on Claviga when they identified a need to improve communications across their worldwide remote project teams, and manage cultural differences between team members.

Once we had researched the issue in general - and our client's challenges in particular, we designed and managed an on-line survey for all the team members in order to establish their current experience and the issues they were personally facing.

From the information we gathered, we created a bespoke training programme that focused on their issues. The programme included simulation exercises replicating their challenges and they worked through real-life examples supplied by the participants themselves, coming up with practical solutions to address them. They then committed to three personal actions/improvements they would make back in the workplace. Claviga followed up with the participants, monitored their progress and gave supporting feedback.

The company reported a significant improvement in remote team communication. Participants were beginning to use the right communication tool for the situation, teams worked better together and relationships were more inclusive. They also began to work smarter - using client visits as an opportunity to meet face to face with their team members.