Leading People - Case Study

Claviga were approached by a contract catering company whose team of young, enthusiastic and ambitious new leaders required some formal leadership skills training, in order to better direct and focus themselves and their teams.

We created a fundamental leadership skills programme that was rolled out to the company's entry level team leaders. The participants identified the characteristics of good leaders and looked at each one in terms of their own current skill level. In addition, 3600 feedback was gathered from their teams and MBTI assessment carried out to determine personality type.

Once participants were aware of the different personality types, they were able to evaluate their own leadership styles as well as recognise those of others, and learn to work effectively with them.

Using case studies, they practiced using different styles for different situations. They considered situation based (reactive) and action based (proactive) scenarios, and the importance of adapting to and handling both. They were introduced to influencing styles and practiced using these both in their peer group as well as with those senior and junior to themselves.

Three months after each programme ran, Claviga gave participants one-to-one coaching sessions to evaluate their progress and address any areas for further improvement. The participants reported that they gained tremendous value from the programme and coaching, and saw improvement in retention rates within both
the leadership group and their teams.