Jane Smith - Associate Consultant

Large Portrait of Jane Smith

Jane's exceptional talents lie in developing people and facilitating teamwork.

Translating her commercial awareness and coaching skills into training scenarios, Jane draws out individuals, encourages them to share their challenges and understand how to nurture their working relationships, whilst getting the job done. The result is the creation of high-performing, motivated teams for her clients.

As a qualified 360 profiling feedback facilitator, Jane has the expertise to guide individuals through their reports, help them recognise their own behaviours, understand how others see them, identify their key strengths, and create  development plans to improve their skills and knowledge.

Before making the move into training and consulting, Jane worked as a Sales Director and a Director of Revenue Management, and excelled in leading and focussing teams; whether to sales success, or through periods of organisational change.

Jane says "I enjoy sharing my own experiences with the participants, and by assisting them, I'm able to watch them grow and develop in their own roles".